ELDF aims at mainstreaming the discipline of environment and development law and bridge the gap that currently exists between the formal forums of dispute resolution and the grassroots through research, advocacy and outreach.

ELDF activities and field workers need your support. You can show your support by:
  • Funding training, capacity building and awareness building programmes
  • Supporting "Friends of ELDF" – interns, volunteers, & scholars through Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Funding publication and dissemination of training materials
  • Supporting young ELDF lawyers for their free online Advice & Referral service to public at large
  • Participating in ELDF programme by providing your expertise, time and support in developing knowledge material, writing blogs, organizing training and capacity building programmes at law schools, government offices, and village assemblies among others
  • Contributing to ELDF website maintenance and expansion of online knowledge material on environment and development law
  • Collaborating with ELDF by supporting its actions on research, policy advocacy, and outreach by becoming a part of the writing and analytical team(s)

  • Please write to sanjay@eldfindia.com and admin@eldfindia.com with your ideas of support. *Environment, Law, & Development Foundation is FCRA registered. Registered under 12A, Regn. No. F.NO.DIT(E)/12A/2007-08/E-287/1100

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