About Strengthening Participatory Forest Management in India (SPFMI)

The formal advent of Participatory Forest Management (PFM) in 1990 was a massive peoples campaign wherein eliciting the participation of communities and keeping the communities at the centre stage was considered essential in forestry management in India. Almost quarter of a century later, one has to assess whether it has delivered in terms of institutional strengthening and improving livelihoods or not.

This field based, consultative program spanning over eight diverse states of India in 24 districts and 120 villages would be the first ever evidence based study of its kind to assess the implementation of PFM and integrated measures for change in India. It would specifically assess the other pro poor climate strategies such as REDD+ that impact and improve participation of local communities in forest management and more importantly explore the private sector integration into PFM processes in India. A number of Policy Briefs would be prepared to contribute to the current forest governance debates in India to showcase its diversity and challenges in the new socio-political dispensation. This study is aimed at contributing to strengthening the PFM framework in India.

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